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Using visual management is a different way of running your business. It requires a culture change and this must come from its people. As part of our service we design and fit custom interiors products that decorate the walls with your companies visions.

As part of our service we design and fit custom interior products that decorate the walls with your companies visions, company values, company targets etc. Whether it is inspirational walls, brainstorming areas, training room kitouts or overall central command rooms we design and build to your visual needs. At Indigo, we like to promote your ideals big and visible for all to see in new exciting ways that subconsciously add to the culture in your workplace. Looking trendy but keeping focus on what good practise really means to management and their staff.

We take your company branding and add a splash of creative interior design along with visualisation to design & create meeting rooms & walls , brainstorming areas, training pods all around your company culture.

We use the latest in technology and materials and add some cool ideas to create visual walls & decor for todays modern workplace.


Let the walls of your workplace come alive with colourful functional areas using custom whiteboard walls. Add your company logo, pictures to create feature walls around your business.  Our whiteboard walls can be fitted to any size, written on with permanent or wipeable markers which all can be wiped clean afterwards.


Let your imagination go wild with interactive magnetic walls. Firstly we make your wall magnetic, add a drywipeable overlay and then create custom magnets to engage your teams.  Post notes, turn double sided magnets, change visual indicators in all shapes and sizes, the creative opportunities are endless!


Customise your walls with your company vision.  Use the walls of your workspace to promote your company vision in interesting ways to your staff.  Using trendy materials, layouts and designs we create informative walls that enhance the overall look of your company, enhance your lean culture and reinforce your company vision & targets in trendy ways creating modern working spaces.

Meeting &
Training Rooms

Central operational control rooms, Lean focus areas or project pods all come to life with interactive walls and furniture, each designed to bring the most of the area and your team.

Timelines &
Recognition Walls

Tell everyone how it all happened with trendy timeline walls, created with polished materials, colourful infographics, trendy graphics.  Your history is special and so show it off using museum style design that is interchangeable as you grow and time moves on!


Sometimes its the little things that make a big difference. We design and create promotional products that get your employees involved in business excellence.

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