Custom Designed Visual Management Boards

Find a Solution Designed for YouFind a Solution Designed for You

Our Visual Management products help to centrally and visually display the targets, outputs and issues facing
your Business for real accountability, transparency and progress.

This enables your teams to be more accountable and on the flip side more rewarded through their own achievements which are visible for all to see. We visit on-site to look and see the operations of the business.

We walk around and speak to people to understand the processes and problems. We create with your teams a visual representation of your teams’ objectives. With our continuous support, visual management stretches out into other processes within the business thereafter.

The Visual Management Process



We listen to your process

Advise you on best methodologies.

What you want from your process

Sketch it up to see what you see


Work With Your Design

Customised designed layout

Add structure, layout & tooling

Add corporate branding


Choose your board type

Magnetic / whiteboard surface

Wall mounted or mobile unit

Overlays on existing boards


Add your accessories

Document holders

Visual indicators & notes

modular displays overlays

cleanroom accessories


Continuously Improve

Easily change & update

Modular options

Paper trials, template products, board patching

Strive for Business Excellence

Types of Visual Management Boards

  • Manufacturing boards
  • Planning Boards
  • Key Performance Indicators – KPI Boards
  • Problem Solving Boards
  • Project Boards
  • Scheduling Boards
  • Standard Work Boards
  • Maintenance boards
  • Quality Control Boards
  • 6s Boards
  • EHS Boards
  • Shadow Boards
  • Agile & Scrum Boards
  • Brainstorming Boards
  • Year Planning Boards
  • Action Trackers
  • Shadow Boards
  • Shift Handover Boards
  • Lockout Boards (LOTO)
  • Continuous Improvement Boards
  • Control Rooms

Types of Visual Indicators

  • Smiley magnets
  • Double sided red/green magnets
  • Whiteboard magnets
  • Header magnets
  • Team magnets
  • Notepad magnets
  • Lined magnets
  • Arrow magnets
  • Dry wipeable magnets
  • Coloured magnets
  • Shadow magnets
  • Metric displays

Features/value we add

Company Logo

Add your company logo and adhere to your branding guidelines

Any size

Any size, any colour, any layout.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative solutions around your visual management needs

Expertise Advise

Expertise advise from years of creating successful visual management products

Bespoke Designs

Bespoke designs created around your process and your team

Working Alongside You

Work alongside you and your team to create the first visual proof

Suite of Visuals

Suite of visual management boards all matching in your workplace

Reputation Enhancement

Makes you look good in front of your visitors / customers

Collaborating With You

We collaborate with you and support you along the way to becoming lean

Ease of Use

Our boards are easy to use and our designs ensure consistency in use

Management Plan

We can work with you on an overall visual management plan

Quality Materials

Our products are made with the best materials
to achieve the highest standards